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three flowers and three products won the

023 china refrigeration exhibition "innovative products" award ceremony

on april 6th, at the 2023 china refrigeration exhibition "innovative products" award ceremony, 61 annual "innovative products" won awards. among the seven award-winning products in the "heat exchangers, valves, and other auxiliary components" category, three products come from sanhua. they are: sanhua intelligent control electric switching water valve, sanhua microchannel high corrosion resistant microchannel heat exchanger, and sanhua microchannel data center microchannel heat exchanger.

as a professional exhibition in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the china refrigeration exhibition organizing committee and industry authoritative experts encourage and promote technological innovation in the industry by selecting innovative refrigeration products from china. in the "innovative products" selection of the 2023 china refrigeration exhibition, a total of 65 enterprises applied for 108 products, both in terms of quantity and quality, which are the highest in recent years. the influence of the event continues to rise. after two rounds of objective and rigorous evaluation and competition, 61 products were ultimately awarded the title of "innovative product".

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the three award-winning products of sanhua have all passed two rounds of evaluation by the expert committee of china refrigeration exhibition, standing out from over a hundred declared products and receiving unanimous recognition, earning the title of "innovative product". this honor reflects that sanhua products follow the green and low-carbon principle, have high quality innovation and progressiveness, and play a leading role in the industry. meanwhile, sanhua products have long been active on the stage of "innovative products" at the china refrigeration exhibition.

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as the soul and connotation of sanhua, "technology flower" continuously helps sanhua become a leading enterprise in the industry. as of march 2023, sanhua has successfully applied for 8557 patents, including 5297 invention patents and 963 international patents. the number of innovative talents is constantly increasing, and the proportion of research and development investment is increasing year by year. sanhua will firmly promote comprehensive innovation with technology as its core, provide hard core support for sanhua's high-quality development, and provide quality assurance for enhancing customer competitiveness.

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