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march warm sun and spring breeze like you - sanhua holdings group holds a series of activities for the 38th festival

in spring, we welcome the 113th international women's day. to encourage female employees who work hard in various positions of sanhua, various business units of the group have carried out various forms and rich content of care activities.

festival care

▲ sanhua holdings headquarters and intelligent control headquarters
send flowers and gift vouchers to female employees

▲ san hua micro channel gives female employees good festival gifts

▲ xiantu electronics holds a women's day warm heart activity on march 8th

▲ sanhua household refrigeration business headquarters
giving holiday gifts to female employees

▲ sanhua commercial refrigeration business headquarters
providing holiday care to female employees

▲ sanhua wuhu industrial park and sanhua automobile zero binhai industrial park
send daily necessities gift packs to female employees

▲ overseas bases of sanhua (mexico, poland, türkiye, austria, vietnam, india)
send holiday care and blessings to female employees

fun activities

sanhua hangzhou industrial park has launched a fun game activity - "good luck rolling in". by participating in fun games, female employees receive a plethora of gifts.

spiritual dance

sanhua auto zero has prepared a "spiritual dance" for female employees, which involves relaxing and communicating physically and mentally, healing and releasing stress through dance movements.

flower art time

fulda has prepared a flower arrangement activity for female employees with the theme of "skilled flowers · enjoying time", using flowers and plants to cultivate sentiments, express emotions, and experience the fragrance of nature.

three flower “she"”power
fanghua is blooming
let's cheer for the struggling women
   salute to the amazing women!