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xinchang county held a celebration of teacher's day, and sanhua invested 10 million yuan to establish a prize education fund

on the evening of september 8th, the 38th teacher's day celebration event and the establishment ceremony of the three flowers award education fund in xinchang county were held at the yin guifang grand theater. wang qizhou, deputy secretary of the xinchang county party committee and county mayor, and wang zhonglin, chairman of the chinese people's political consultative conference, attended the meeting. zhang daocai, chairman of the board of directors of sanhua holdings group, and company leaders such as wang dayong, chen yuzhong, tao chunxing, and ding weihong were invited as special guests to attend the meeting.

at the meeting, it was announced that the three flowers award education fund was officially established. sanhua will donate 2 million yuan annually for five consecutive years from 2022 to 2026, to reward outstanding teachers in the education industry in xinchang and promote high-quality development of the education industry.

speech by wang qizhou county magistrate

wang qizhou county magistrate delivered a speech on behalf of the county committee and government. county mayor wang pointed out that good results in the education industry in xinchang cannot be achieved without the unremitting efforts of educators, as well as the strong support of local entrepreneurs and local elites. chairman zhang daocai of sanhua holding group has always been concerned about supporting the education industry in his hometown while supporting the economic construction of his hometown. this time, he has also established a sanhua award education fund, which fully reflects chairman zhang's strong responsibility to care about education and give back to society.

▲speech by chairman zhang daocai

chairman zhang daocai pointed out in his speech that the foundation of goodness lies in teaching, and the foundation of teaching lies in teachers. it is precisely because of the hard work of teachers that the glorious achievements of xinchang education have been achieved, and excellent xinchang students have worked hard and created achievements in various industries, contributing their wisdom and strength to the development of their hometown, motherland, and even the world. this is also the driving force behind sanhua's insistence on supporting the education industry in her hometown. over the past 40 years, sanhua has been deeply aware of the importance of talents, especially outstanding talents. sanhua focuses on its main business operations, attracting outstanding talents to join sanhua through "building a global career development platform, constructing a scientific and reasonable incentive mechanism, and creating an innovative and inclusive corporate culture". together, we strive to create value and repay society.

chairman zhang daocai emphasized that the education industry is a great undertaking of a thousand years, and it is in the era of "unprecedented changes in the world", which is the era of producing talents and talents. 48 years ago, he used to be a rural private teacher, deeply aware of the difficulty of teaching and educating people! the sanhua donation of the teaching fund aims to contribute to the education cause of xinchang, hoping that all sectors of society will respect teachers more, and teachers will love teaching and educating more, striving to be good teachers who cultivate excellent students; i also hope that in the future, more people can come together to care for and support the education industry in xinchang, so that the development of xinchang education can go hand in hand with economic development and take it to the next level!

▲chairman zhang daocai was awarded the "special contribution award" by wang qizhou county magistrate

chairman zhang daocai was awarded the "special contribution award". the young pioneers presented flowers to chairman zhang and wang qizhou county magistrate presented the award. the evening party also recognized the winners of the honorary titles of "famous teacher", "famous class teacher", "famous principal", and "most beautiful teacher".

while continuously developing and growing, sanhua never forgets its social responsibility and mission, and cares for and supports the development of education for a long time. as early as 1991, sanhua invested in supporting the construction of xijiao middle school. afterwards, sanhua repeatedly donated funds to schools such as xinchang middle school, chengtan middle school, and dashiju vocational school. at the same time, sanhua also donated funds to universities such as shanghai jiao tong university and zhejiang university to assist in their studies. since 2019, sanhua has been funding the xia anshi scholarship and teaching activity for four consecutive years, awarding outstanding professors and students in the refrigeration industry in china, and assisting in the development of the industry.