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it's not just the sky, but also the red heart that's hot

august 31st, sanhua blood donation day.

the autumn tiger is still hot, but it's not just the weather, but also the red heart of the three flower man. at a high temperature of 35 ℃, more than 100 san hua people were enthusiastic and came to donate blood. in half a day, 70 people successfully donated blood, totaling 23900 milliliters.

▲ orderly queue up for inspection

early in the morning, the conference center of sanhua xinchang industrial park was bustling with blood donation vehicles parked in place and the registration and inspection workbench placed. there is an endless stream of san hua people coming to donate blood, waiting in line for registration and relevant examinations before donating. the cadres of the sanhua youth league committee and medical personnel cooperate with each other, performing their respective duties, and the blood donation work is carried out in an orderly and rapid manner.

▲ inspectors make an appointment to donate blood

look, those four people dressed in green are quality personnel from the shut-off valve business unit, who have made an appointment to donate blood. alas, there is a slight sadness that only two have completed the blood donation.

how many times have you donated blood?
i have donated blood 15 times, 400 milliliters each time.
ah。 6000 milliliters, that's great!

this is liu lihong from the coil business unit.

▲ blood donation champion liu lihong

actually, many people have already donated blood multiple times. shi libin 8 times with 2600 milliliters; 3000 milliliters of pan ki banknotes 8 times; pan weigang 10 times 3400 milliliters; gu qinglan 12 times 4400 milliliters; there are also some people who have recently donated blood before the time interval, and cannot donate blood with colleagues at the company, which is somewhat regrettable.

▲ pan weigang (right 2) is donating blood

volunteers are donating blood in an orderly manner

the same blood, the same heartbeat, the gift of life, life is not old. drops of crimson blood condense into a sea of love. the ocean of love has provided a healthy channel for more people, and even opened the door to life.

the transmission of love is the continuation and sublimation of the music of life. sanhua people purify themselves with love and interpret sanhua culture with actions.