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empowering precise recruitment - the successful completion of sanhua's

from july 14th to 15th, high-end talent recruitment and talent selection skills training were held in sanhua hangzhou industrial park. this training invited external lecturer yu lina to explain high-end talent recruitment and general interview techniques to recruiters from various business units of sanhua, attracting nearly 50 recruiters to participate.

since 2022, the human resources center of sanhua holdings group has conducted a "precision recruitment workshop" to investigate the recruitment needs of personnel in various business units of the group, and conducted a series of internal and external training to enhance the precision recruitment ability of the recruitment team. this training is another practice by the sanhua recruitment team to self update and improve recruitment quality and efficiency, following the precision recruitment workshop, gold medal interviewer training, and talent map drawing training.
on the morning of the first day of training, teacher yu lina brought you a high-end talent recruitment course. starting from the difficulties in recruiting high-end talents, teacher yu elaborated on the common misconceptions and reasonable handling methods in the recruitment process of high-end talents from three aspects: demand analysis, talent map, and division of labor and cooperation. through the analysis of multiple industry famous enterprise cases, help everyone understand and remember. students actively interact with teachers, fully explore the problems in the current high-end talent recruitment process, and strengthen their absorption and understanding of the curriculum from a practical perspective.

in the afternoon, teacher yu lina brought the interviewer course. starting from the three flower talent selection criteria, teacher yu provided a detailed introduction to the key points of bei behavioral interview method, and dissected the logic and questioning methods of relevant quality items one by one, providing a high-quality template for recruitment questioning. subsequently, the five students played the roles of candidates and interviewers, demonstrating on site how to use questioning tools such as ga and star for interview assessment. teacher yu evaluated the performance of each interviewer one by one, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses during the questioning process, and provided improvement methods, laying the foundation for the interviewer certification the next day.

interviewer certification starts from confirming the assessment items, conducting real-life interviews, reviewing and commenting, and comprehensively assesses the effective questioning skills of each student. at the end of the training, a total of 36 interviewers successfully passed the certification and were awarded the title of "qualified interviewer", marking the successful conclusion of the training.

nowadays, sanhua is in a stage of rapid business development and a sharp increase in talent demand. this puts higher demands on the recruitment quality and efficiency of interviewers. this training focuses on high-end talent recruitment thinking, general interview skills, and other aspects to further empower the recruitment team. in the future, sanhua will continue to promote internal learning, build a precise recruitment technology roadmap and a high-quality recruitment case library for the group, optimize the recruitment system, and empower precise recruitment!

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