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oct 30 2023

the list was released! sanhua ranked among china‘s top 500 enterprises for the first time

2023 top 500 chinese enterprises

on september 20, 2023, china‘s top 500 enterprises summit forum was held in hefei, anhui province, releasing the list of "china’s top 500 enterprises". sanhua holding group was honored to enter the list for the first time, ranking 441st. at the same time, it entered the list of china‘s top 500 manufacturing enterprises again, ranking 229th, up 57 places compared with the 286th in the previous year.

the summit forum was organized by the china enterprise confederation and china entrepreneurs association, co-organized by the anhui provincial people’s government, and held in synchronization with the world manufacturing congress 2023. zhang daocai, vice president of china enterprise confederation, founder and chairman of the board of directors of sanhua holding group, was invited to attend the forum. he was simultaneously invited by han jun, secretary of the anhui provincial party committee, and wang qingxian, governor of anhui province to attend the 2023 world manufacturing congress, to participate in the activities.

the threshold for entry into the list of china‘s top 500 enterprises has been raised for 21 consecutive years, and the threshold for entry in 2023 is 46.998 billion yuan, an increase of 2.373 billion yuan over the previous year. in addition to the steady growth in scale, the accumulation of innovation strength is also a feature presented by 2023 china’s top 500 enterprises. as of august 2023, sanhua has declared 9,047 patents globally, of which 5,675 are invention patents, accounting for more than 50%; the average annual investment in r&d is more than 5% and rising year by year. sanhua actively participates in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and has presided over and participated in the drafting of 45 national and industrial standards in china. with innovation as the core driving force, sanhua continues to enhance its development vitality.

sanhua has been in business for nearly 40 years, with the vision of "developing an intelligent low-carbon economy and creating a green quality environment", with management, science and technology, and talents as the soul, with the concept of "focusing on leading, innovating and surpassing", it has continuously transformed the market opportunity of green low-carbon and intelligent control into the goal of development, and it has been striving with an entrepreneurial spirit, accelerating the management upgrading, releasing the kinetic energy of development, speeding up the talent cultivation, stimulating the potential for innovation, realizing the satisfaction of the customers, and creating more green values for the industry and the society.

top 500 chinese enterprises:

it is understood that this is the 22nd consecutive year of china enterprise confederation released china‘s top 500 enterprises and other lists, together with the release of the "2023 china’s top 500 enterprises and u.s. companies 500, the world's top 500 enterprises comparative analysis of the report," "2023 china's top 100 innovative enterprises analysis report," and other thematic research reports. a series of lists and reports vividly record the growth course and development trajectory of chinese over the past 20 years, helped all sectors of society understand the development history and current situation of chinese enterprises more comprehensively, and played a positive role in guiding and serving chinese enterprises to strive for excellence.

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