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aug 15, 2022

deep sorrow, endless remembrance - chairman zhang daocai pays tribute to professor chen zhijiu

editor\'s note

on august 3, chen zhijiu, a chinese master of refrigeration and a professor(t2) at shanghai jiao tong university, died of illness at the age of 85. in the early days of sanhua\'s entrepreneurship in the 1980s, professor chen was impressed by the enthusiasm of sanhua’s founder, zhang daocai and his longing for technology and talents. since then, for decades, professor chen has sincerely and selflessly helped sanhua to develop, and has contributed to sanhua\'s achievements. they have also formed a close friendship. after his retirement, professor chen has always been concerned about the progress of sanhua with sincerity, and warm caring. in his own ws, \" sanhua and i are in the indissoluble bond.\"

after learning the news of professor chen\'s death, chairman zhang immediately sent a letter of condolence to shanghai jiao tong university in the name of himself and the company, mourning the death of professor chen, and entrusting a special person to rush to shanghai to send sincere condolences to professor chen\'s family on behalf of himself and the company. on august 16, chairman zhang daocai, vice chairman zhang yabo and other company leaders will attend the memorial service of professor chen, and chairman zhang will be invited to deliver a eulogy. today, the editor wants to share the remembrance and pining from chairman zhang, to jointly review the early days of sanhua\'s entrepreneurship, the selfless help and guidance of professor chen and other experts and consultants. and sanhua people will continue to persevere in the struggle, and bravely climb to a new high in the future!

\" an educated gentleman cannot but be resolute and broad-minded, for he has taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course. \" sanhua people keep moving forward!

shocked to learn that professor chen died of illness in shanghai. everyone was shocked and saddened, and was mourning with deep sorrow! professor chen is a master in china\'s refrigeration industry, with fruitful scientific research and innovative achievements. he has been teaching and educating students from all over the world, enthusiastically guiding enterprises in product development, introduction of talent and training, and promoting the industrialization of china\'s scientific and technological achievements in refrigeration. professor chen is also a mentor and friend of sanhua people. he has helped sanhua to progress in the refrigeration field. also, as my close friend for many years, he provided important support and selfless help in the initial period of sanhua’s development, and played a great role in promoting sanhua\'s development of its own product and industrial strategies, which will never be forgotten! his death is a great loss to china’s academic circles in refrigeration, and it also leaves us with deep sorrow and endless remembrance!

i have known and been a close friend with professor chen for nearly 40 years. in 1984, when the influence of reform and opening up policy surged and shanghai jiao tong university supported local development, professor chen and a group of teachers came to xinchang for inspection and guidance at the invitation of the xinchang county party committee and the people’s government of xinchang. at that time, sanhua was still a very backward refrigeration accessories factory, and it did not attract the attention of the professors of shanghai jiao tong university. but for my sincerity and desire for technology, i impressed the professors of shanghai jiao tong university. professor chen therefore came to our factory. after checking up the situation, he enthusiastically helped sanhua with training employees, introducing talents, and later guiding technical research, going abroad for exchanges, promoting cooperation. in the few decades, he has been given sincere, selfless care and support for the development of sanhua. this kind of spirit and devotion is very precious and touching! the first time i went abroad to investigate factories in europe, the schedule was arranged by professor chen who helped me to see the world and made me greatly broaden my vision of development. the exchange with professor chen in the early stage of entrepreneurship also inspired me to develop some strategic thinking and i have transformed it the strategic ideas and keynote of sanhua’s development. in the past 40 years, professor chen has participated in and witnessed the development of sanhua from a small-town factory to a leading enterprise in the global hvac&r industry, and new energy vehicle thermal management industry, and has always cared for and supported the development of sanhua, exchanged ideas on the trend of industry and technology, encouraged outstanding talents in the industry to join sanhua, and was sincerely happy for every progress of sanhua. we remember his sound and smiles, everything is just like yesterday. his selfless contributions and concerns to sanhua have already been reced in the history of sanhua’s history, and are deeply cherished in the hearts of me and sanhua people!

clouds and mountains are forever there, and river always flows. the acter of professor chen will last as long as the moves of clouds, mountains and rivers!

when drinking water, one should not forget its source. sanhua has made achievements, and this is owing to professor chen. facing the future, sanhua must climb to a new high! today, based on the global \"thermal management\" industry, sanhua is upgrading to a higher level of development goals: technological leadership as the core, sanhua is to a \"kingdom for global thermal management industry\" in new energy vehicles, hvac&r, energy storage and other fields, and make greater contributions to creating a green quality living environment for human beings. this is also the best memorial to professor chen\'s concern for the development of sanhua!

the dead are gone, and the living are well. may teacher chen zhijiu rest in peace!

sanhua holding group

board chairman: zhang daocai

august, 2022

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